The Missouri Precinct Project or MOPP was created - to educate and motivate conservatives - to become more involved in the political process  - to register more non-registered citizens and increase voter participation   It is important to realize that - in order to change things, we must change the laws - to change the laws, we must change the people who make the laws - to get elected, your candidate must be on the ballot - to get on the November ballot you or your candidate must win the Primary - to win the Primary, you o must get the support of people who make endorsements in the Primary o who reliably vote in the Primary o who get out the vote in the Primary The people that most directly can affect and who get out the vote are Precinct or Township Committeemen/woman. And these are the people that determine who gets the chance to be elected to office at every level of government. And if your candidate is not on the ballot, he/she will not be elected. Pretty basic stuff. One of the founders of our country, Thomas Jefferson laid it out for all of us in his letters and writings after he left government. He firmly believed that our federal and state governments must be divided into wards and precincts and townships. And the people in those small districts make the rules by which they wish to be governed. The most basic building bloc in our Country and the State of Missouri is the Precinct. In the larger metropolitan areas precincts are grouped into Townships or Wards. Each one of these entities is headed by Committeeman/woman and these people in a county form a central or county committee headed by a chairman elected by the committee people. Committee people are elected every two years or every four years depending on the rules of that particular county. The people elected to these positions form the backbone of the Party structure in the state. And if we aim to change the Party, this is where it starts. During each presidential year and after the primary election, the committee people elect - County Chair and Vice Chair (Central Committee Chair and Vice Chair) - Legislative District Chair and Vice Chair - Senatorial District Chair and Vice Chair - Congressional District Chair and Vice Chair - State Committeeman and Woman - State Party Chairman and Vice Chair Some people think the party officials select candidates. This is not true in Missouri. They have a strong influence on who wins the nominating process but they do not “choose” them. They also make the decisions about primary elections and the caucus process. However, in the strictest sense the Party does not determine who the candidates are they have great influence over the process. And if we want to change the way things are run, we need to be part of the process. One other point, the committee people we elect are supposed to be involved with the people living in their precincts/townships/wards, educate them about political candidates, make sure citizens are registered to vote, encourage voter turnout and generally are involved in their neighborhoods through monthly meetings. These party organizations voters and the citizens feel disenfranchised. Unfortunately, many of our committee people are no longer involved in this process and this is where the grassroots initiatives have stepped in to fill the void. It is encouraging that in this presidential election year many new people have filed for these positions and it is hoped that many of them win in the primary election on August 7, 2012. There are many websites and organizations, like the Missouri Precinct Project that have sprung up talking about the Precinct strategy. Practically every state has one of these organizations. And many nationwide organizations have been formed to assist the state groups in their efforts. Please review any one of the links and find how and what other groups and states are doing. American Majority: Or Pennsylvania Precinct Project Voices of America There are also links on this website to other websites/organization. One of the functions that the Republican Party has woefully neglected in the State of Missouri is voter registration and voter turnout. An attempt is made during the presidential election years but then the effort is dropped after the elections and has to be started anew four years later. The Party maintains a voter database that is cumbersome and does not fit today’s environments. Many organizations, including some of the above websites listed can provide voter records that can be downloaded to smart phones, enhanced with specific questions and candidate information. There are several websites that are noteworthy: And then there is Voter registration. By any measure you wish to look at and many people are looking at this all the time, on average 70% of eligible citizens are registered to vote. That means 30% of eligible citizens are not registered to vote. That is a huge chunk of the general population. As an example, out of 60 million Christians in this country, only 30 million are registered to vote. If anyone really wants to become actively involved in voter registration, besides walking your neighborhoods or do voter registration drives at churches or other civic organizations, they might want to sign up with Champion the Vote. This organization has compiled a list of non-registered voters across the country by reviewing various data points and has identified several million Christian, conservative individuals. And they are willing to share this information with anyone willing to sign up and become a member. As a member you will have access to the non-registered voters in your neighborhood – address and phone number. The website is:                                    
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