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APRIL 2015   Dear MOPP Supporter/Subscriber...   It’s been awhile since we last published our MOPP E-News Magazine, but we are reviving this format as we “ramp up” in anticipation of November 2016!  And our Magazine has a new name…”Empower Missouriby Missourians for Missourians!”   In this edition of our MOPP E-News Magazine, we will share ways in which we urge you to become involved.  It is going to take every one of us working together to bring this country back from the brink.    THE CURRENT EDITION OF “EMPOWER MISSOURI” IS ATTACHED TO THIS LETTER...SIMPLY CLICK ON THE ATTACHMENT LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL TO OPEN THE MOPP ENEWS MAGAZINE.     Special Notes: •To open the documents and links throughout the document simply press Ctrl+click on the document name to follow the link to open •Also...in a few days, our webmaster will also be uploading this latest edition of the MOPP Enews Magazine to our website so you will always be able to view an archived view of our past and current newsleters...just go to www.moprecinctproject.org and click on the "Archives" tab to see this and past newsletters. We urge you to forward this e-newsletter to people in your sphere of influence.  Encourage them to join our combined efforts @ http://www.moprecinctproject.org/, click on “Contacts”.  Together we can do this!   Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP) "Let's MOPP 'em up in '16" www.moprecinctproject.org missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com Now...Join us on Facebook and/or Twitter (mopporg)     PS: •If you know of someone who would like to be added to our e-mail list to receive this -newsletter, just forward the person's name, e-mail address and county in which they live in a reply e-mail and we will add them to future e-mailings.   •TO UNSUBSCRIBE:  If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from the e-newsletter, simply type the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line above and forward same to us and we will remove you from the newsletter contact list.
MOPP 2015 Newsletter     Click Me for full Newsletter After every election, we get bombarded with stories about people voting that should not be allowed to vote…dead people voting, voters registered in more than one place, illegal residents, etc…and one wonders if there is anything to be done about this. And now there might even be a commission created to investigate this phenomenon nationwide. Missouri Precinct Project would like to issue a call to action for all of our members, and anyone else, that wants to volunteer for this.  We believe it is in the interest of all of us to ensure that the Voter Registration Records in our state are as accurate as possible. You might know that there are 26 states that share their voter registration database in order to run cross-checks against their registered voters. Not sure if this is ever done or works very well.  According to www.True the Vote.org there seems to be problems with this process. Here is how it works at the local level Our comments are mostly based on the process in St. Louis County.  Every county pretty much writes their own rules and procedures based on statutes established by the Legislature or Secretary of State – Deceased Voters – upon a report from the Health Department, or notification of relatives of the deceased, the  voter is removed from the voter rolls Felons – based on a report from the U.S. Attorney, felons are removed from the voter rolls Polling Place Notifications – ahead of every election, all voters receive a notification informing them of time and place where to vote. If these cards are returned as undeliverable, the election authority investigates and, if warranted, will take the person off the active voter rolls. Canvassing – every other year and after a Federal Election, survey cards are sent to every registered voter with instructions to the post office not to forward, but to return to the Board of Election. Depending on the investigation by the election authority, the name is moved to the inactive voter file. If a voter is on the inactive voter file for two election cycles - or four years - the individual can be removed from the voter records. However, before a voter is removed from the voter rolls, a forwardable verification notice/letter is sent to the voter.  Please note that Inactive voters are still registered to vote. They are allowed to vote by providing their correct address (due to Motor Voter law, a person can change their address even on election day). As of the last election cycle, St. Louis County had a Registered Voter Database of 701,325 active registered voters and inactive registered voters of approximately 65,000 – 70,000. Statewide there are about  4,190,936 registered voters.  If you want to volunteer to help your local election authority/County Clerk with this task, here is what you can  do… Request a file of the registered voters in your county/township/municipality from your local election authority/County Clerk. The cost of this is probably close to $25 to$35. You decide if you want to request an electronic file or a paper file. You can share the cost with others if you get a paper file for your whole county   Pick the area you want to canvass. 	1)	Start knocking on doors and confirm if the people listed on your voter record are still living there.  	2)	Document on your report what you find out. 	3)	Sign your findings and return to your local election authority/County Clerk. Please note that the local Election Authority will have to do their own investigation/verification of the data you provide. Don’t assume they just take your word for it. They must do their own investigation. But they appreciate the efforts of volunteers to do some of the legwork for them. You could also go to TruetheVote (www.truethevote.org) and sign up for a course they have developed for cleaning up the voter rolls. The Election Integrity 101 course serves as the citizen’s guide to all things election integrity. Inside you will find overviews of important federal and state election laws; voter fraud types and vocabulary; organizing best practices; research strategies; and tips for legislative reform. This is the perfect course for a newcomer to the TTV movement, hands down.  If you have questions, please contact us MOPP at missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com  or call Frieda Keough at 314-229-8720 Missouri Precinct Projec Because….”All politics is local” distributed by… MISSOURI PRECINCT PROJECT/MOPP Because “All politics is local" www.moprecinctproject.org missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com Join us on Facebook and Twitter (mopporg)  MOPP’S MISSION STATEMENT:  Restore Constitutional principles and conservative values by engaging conservatives in grassroots politics Home Home