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Goals of the Missouri Precinct Project for the upcoming Election Cycle In order to be successful, the MoGOP needs to be re-built from the ground up. We can achieve this by •Identifying every Committeeposition in every county across the state •By making sure every open Committeeposition is filled with constitutional conservatives •In addition, citizens need to become community organizers in their own neighborhoods and take ownership of their political neighborhoods •And everyone needs to pay attention to what their local elected officials are up to by attending local meetings – from County Council meetings to Municipal meetings and school board meetings. •Everyone needs to make sure that constitutional conservatives run for elective office at all levels of government and to govern in the spirit of Liberty, Freedom and Free Market Principles.
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REMINDER      OCTOBER 8th.... THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE NOVEMBER 4TH GENERAL ELECTION Are You Registered? Did you know that as many as 14% of people who THINK they are registered to vote actually ARE NOT? That may not sound like a large percentage, but it equates to roughly 33 MILLION US citizens. And we believe about 7 million of those are CHRISTIANS. Are you registered? Are you sure? Have you moved? Has your name changed? You may need to register again. AreYouRegistered.org allows you to look yourself up in your state's voter registration database to confirm your registration. If you are not registered for any reason, you can fill out a voter registration form right there! If you have moved, had a name change due to marriage, have not voted recently you may need to update your registration application. Go to:  www.areyouregistered.org
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